The Investment Bank for Private Companies

Carver Cross is a New York-based boutique investment bank focused on assisting mid-sized and emerging companies achieve their growth, corporate-development, financing, and shareholder-liquidity goals. The firm was founded in 1993 by Bruce Carver Jackson, a former senior executive of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., for the explicit purpose of affording emerging and mid-sized companies a level of expertise, experience, and professionalism that is usually available only to larger companies.

Our mission is simple: We are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of skill, experience, integrity, and professional service as we assist U.S. and international clients successfully complete privately negotiated transactions:

The firm works with closely held companies in a range of industries, including those that are family-owned, portfolio companies of venture-capital and private-equity firms, and subsidiaries of public companies. In addition, we assist foreign companies and investors, and we have extensive cross-border and international experience.

As a boutique firm we are able to devote senior-level executives to middle-market deals of most sizes. We are “hands on.” We tailor our analysis and advice to each client’s situation, and we employ an analytical, owner-manager approach to assessing our clients’ needs and alternatives. We value our well-earned reputation for integrity, excellence, objectivity, and creativity.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss your growth, corporate-development, financing, and shareholder-liquidity issues, plans, and goals, and to explore how our superior skills and services can assist in achieving your objectives.